Suites: Describe Your Tests

A test suite begins with a call to our TestBox describe() function with at least two arguments: a title and a body function/closure. The title is the name of the suite to register and the body function/closure is the block of code that implements the suite. When applying BDD to your tests, this function is used to describe your story scenarios that you will implement. There are more arguments which you can see below:

Argument Required Default Type Description
title true --- string The title of the suite to register
body true --- closure/udf The closure that represents the test suite
labels false --- string/array The list or array of labels this suite group belongs to
asyncAll false false Boolean If you want to parallelize the execution of the defined specs in this suite group.
skip false false Boolean A flag or a closure that tells TestBox to skip this suite group from testing if true. If this is a closure it must return boolean.
function run( testResults, testBox ){

     describe("A suite", function(){
          it("contains spec with an awesome expectation", function(){
               expect( true ).toBeTrue();


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