Test Methods

TestBox discovers test methods in your bundle CFC by applying the following discovery rules:

  • Any method that has a test annotation on it
  • Any public method that starts or ends with the word test
// Via inline annotation
function shouldBeAwesome() test{}

* Via comment annotation
* @test
function shouldBeAwesome(){}

// via conventions
function testShouldDoThis(){}
function shouldDoThisTest(){}

Each test method will test the state of the SUT (software under test) or sometimes referred to as code under test. It will do so by asserting that actual values from an execution match an expected value or condition. TestBox offers an assertion library that you have available in your bundle via the injected variable $assert. You can also use our expectations library if you so desire, but that is mostly used in our BDD approach.

function testIncludes(){
       $assert.includes( "hello", "HE" );
       $assert.includes( [ "Monday", "Tuesday" ] , "monday" );

Each test function can also have some cool annotations attached to it.

Argument Required Default Type Description
labels false --- string/list The list of labels this test belongs to
skip false false boolean/udf A boolean flag that makes the runners skip the test for execution. It can also be the name of a UDF in the same CFC that will be executed and MUST return a boolean value.

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