What's New With 4.1.0
Released: May 27, 2020
TestBox v4.1.0 is a minor update. Quickly update it via CommandBox
update testbox


    [TESTBOX-281] - request.testbox: Component ... has no accessible Member with name [$TESTID]
    [TESTBOX-283] - Fix type on test results for bundlestats
    [TESTBOX-286] - DebugBuffer was being removed instead of resetting to empty for getMemento

New Features

    [TESTBOX-282] - Added cfml engine and version as part of the test results as properties
    [TESTBOX-284] - Update all reporters so they can just build and return the report with no content type or context repsonse resets
    [TESTBOX-285] - make buildReporter public in the testbox core
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