What's New With 4.4.0

Released: June 16, 2021
TestBox v4.4.0 includes several new features and bug fixes. Here are the release notes and major areas of improvements.

Release Notes


TESTBOX-320 Runner tries to instantiate abstract classes
TESTBOX-319 Fix HTTP Status Headers Being Removed By Reporters when resetting html head
TESTBOX-318 Chaining "not" matchers before regular matchers doesn't work correctly
TESTBOX-316 Coverage output doesn't escape ending script tag
TESTBOX-315 ConsoleReporter fails with missing functions in assets/text
TESTBOX-313 No matching function [SPACE] found
TESTBOX-311 CF error variable [THISBUNDLE] doesn't exist when running tests


TESTBOX-317 Full Null Support Some items of array can be NULL
TESTBOX-314 text and min text white space management
TESTBOX-301 notToBeBetween seems to be the same as toBeBetween