TestBox can be downloaded from or can be installed via CommandBox CLI. CommandBox is our preferred approach for all package installations, updates and more.

// latest stable version
box install testbox --saveDev
// latest bleeding edge
box install testbox@be --saveDev

Please note the --saveDev flag which tells CommandBox that TestBox is a development dependency and not a production dependency.

This will install TestBox in a /testbox folder from where you called the command. You can also extract the download zip and place it anywhere you like and create a mapping called _/testbox_that points to testbox in the distribution folder, this is the most secure approach. However, you can just place it in the webroot if you like.

this.mappings[ "/testbox" ] = expandPath( "C:/frameworks/testbox/" );

You can also clone from Github and help us out :)

git clone git:// testbox

Once you have testbox installed, you'll need a quick way to set up a testing harness. The generate harness command will add a new /tests folder to your application with a few example tests to get you started.

box testbox generate harness

System Requirements

  • Lucee 5.x+

  • ColdFusion 2016+

What's Included

The download structure includes:

  • apidocs : The API docs for TestBox

  • system : The main system framework folder

  • test-browser : This is a little utility to facilitate navigating big testing suites. This helps navigate to the suites you want and execute them instead of typing all the time.

  • test-harness : A simplified version of the TestBox runner that can be placed anywhere in your application. It includes an ANT build that allows you to execute your tests and produce results via ANT and also JUnit compliant reports via the junitreport task.

  • test-runner : The pre-built TestBox Global Runner. You can pass in a directory mapping or bundles and select labels and boom run the tests.

  • test-visualizer: A static visualizer of json reports. Just drop in a test-results.json and run it!

  • tests : Several sample tests and runners which actually are used to build TestBox

The only required folder is system and it does not need to be web-accessible. The other folders are all optional tools to help you that expect to be web-accessible. You can safely remove everything except the system folder if you want to build your own test browsers. If you are placing TestBox outside of your web root, the /testbox mapping needs to point to the parent folder containing the system directory as all TestBox models start with testbox.system in their package path.