Release History

A brief history of TestBox

In this section, you will find the release notes for each version we release under this major version. If you are looking for the release notes of previous major versions, use the version switcher at the top left of this documentation book. Here is a breakdown of our major version releases.

Version 5.x - May 2023

In this release, we have dropped legacy engines and added support for Adobe 2023 and Lucee 6. We have also added major updates to spying and expectations. We continue in this series to focus on productivity and fluency in the Testing language in preparation for more ways to test.

Version 4.x - April 2020

In this release, we have dropped support for legacy CFML engines and introduced the ability to mock data and relationships and build JSON documents.

Version 3.x

In this release, we focused on dropping engine supports for legacy CFML engines. We had a major breakthrough in introducing Code Coverage thanks to the FusionReactor folks as well. This major release also came with a new UI for all reporters and streamlined the result viewports.

Version 2.x

This version spawned off with over 8 minor releases. We focused on taking TestBox 1 to yet a high level. Much more attention to detail and introducing modern paradigms like given-when-then. Multiple interception points, async executions, and ability to chain methods.

Version 1.x

This was our first major version of TestBox. We had completely migrated from MXUnit, and it introduced BDD to the ColdFusion (CFML) world.

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