TestBox supports the concept of assertions to allow for validations and for legacy tests. We encourage developers to use our BDD expectations as they are more readable and fun to use (Yes, fun I said!).

The assertions are modeled in the class testbox.system.Assertion, so you can visit the API for the latest assertions available. Each test bundle will receive a variable called $assert which represents the assertions object. Here are some common assertion methods:

assert( expression, [message] )
between( actual, min, max, [message] )
closeTo(expected, actual, delta, [datePart], [message])
deepKey( target, key, [message] )
fail( [message] )
includes( target, needle, [message] )
includesWithCase( target, needle, [message] )
instanceOf( actual, typeName, [message] )
isEmpty( target, [message] )
isEqual(expected, actual, [message])
isEqualWithCase(expected, actual, [message])
isFalse( actual, [message] )
isGT( actual, target, [message])
isGTE( actual, target, [message])
isLT( actual, target, [message])
isLTE( actual, target, [message])
isNotEmpty( target, [message] )
isNotEqual(expected, actual, [message])
isTrue( actual, [message] )
key( target, key, [message] )
lengthOf( target, length, [message] )
match( actual, regex, [message] )
matchWithCase( actual, regex, [message] )
notDeepKey( target, key, [message] )
notIncludes( target, needle, [message] )
notIncludesWithCase( target, needle, [message] )
notInstanceOf( actual, typeName, [message] )
notKey( target, key, [message] )
notLengthOf( target, length, [message] )
notMatch( actual, regex, [message] )
notNull( actual, [message] )
notThrows(target, [type], [regex], [message])
notTypeOf( type, actual, [message] )
null( actual, [message] )
skip( message, detail )
throws(target, [type], [regex], [message])
typeOf( type, actual, [message] )

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