MXUnit Compatibility

TestBox is fully compliant with MXUnit xUnit test cases. In order to leverage it you will need to create or override the /mxunit mapping and make it point to the /testbox/system/compat folder. That's it, everything should continue to work as expected.

Note you will still need TestBox to be in the web root, or have a /testbox mapping created even when using the MXUnit compat runner.

this.mappings[ "/mxunit" ] = expandPath( "/testbox/system/compat" );

After this, all your test code remains the same but it will execute through TestBox's xUnit runners. You can even execute them via the normal URL you are used to. If there is something that is not compatible, please let us know and we will fix it.

Expected Exceptions

We also support in the compatibility mode the expected exception MXUnit annotation: mxunit:expectedException and the expectException() methods. The expectException() method is not part of the assertion library, but instead is inherited from our BaseSpec.cfc.

Please refer to MXUnit's documentation on the annotation and method for expected exceptions, but it is supported with one caveat. The expectException() method can produce unwanted results if you are running your test specs in TestBox asynchronous mode since it stores state at the component level. Only synchronous mode is supported if you are using the expectException() method. The annotation can be used in both modes.

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