Installing TestBox

TestBox can be downloaded from or can be installed via CommandBox CLI. CommandBox is our preferred approach for all package installations, updates and more.

// latest stable version
box install testbox --saveDev
// latest bleeding edge
box install testbox@be --saveDev

Note Please note the --saveDev flag which tells CommandBox that TestBox is a development dependency and not a production dependency.

This will install TestBox in a /testbox folder from where you called the command. You can also extract the download zip and place it anywhere you like and create a mapping called _/testbox_that points to testbox in the distribution folder, this is the most secure approach. However, you can just place it in the webroot if you like.

this.mappings[ "/testbox" ] = expandPath( "C:/frameworks/testbox/" );

You can also clone from Github and help us out :)

git clone git:// testbox

Once you have testbox installed, you'll need a quick way to set up a testing harness. The generate harness command will add a new /tests folder to your application with a few example tests to get you started.

box testbox generate harness