Bundles: Group Your Tests

TestBox relies on the fact of creating testing bundles which are basically CFCs. A bundle CFC will hold all the suites and specs a TestBox runner will execute and produce reports on. Don't worry, we will cover what's a suite and a spec as well. Usually they will have a name that ends with *Spec or *Test.

component extends="testbox.system.BaseSpec"{

     // executes before all suites
     function beforeAll(){}

     // executes after all suites
     function afterAll(){}

     // All suites go in here
     function run( testResults, testBox ){



This bundle CFC can contain 2 life-cycle functions and a single run() function where you will be writing your test suites and specs.

Life-Cycle Methods

The beforeAll() and afterAll() methods are called life-cycle methods. They will execute once before the run() function and once after the run() function. This is a great way to do any kind of global setup or tear down in your tests.


The run() function receives the TestBox testResults object as a reference and testbox as a reference as well. This way you can have metadata and access to what will be reported to users in a reporter. You can also use it to decorate the results or store much more information that can be picked up later by reports. You also have access to the testbox class so you can see how the test is supposed to execute, what labels was it passed, directories, options, etc.

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