Running Tests

Running tests is essential of course. There are many ways to run your tests, we will see the basics here, and you can check out our Running Tests section in our in-depth guide.

TestBox CLI

The easiest way to run your tests is to use the TestBox CLI via the testbox run command. Ensure you are in the web root of your project or have configured the box.json to include the TestBox runner in it as shown below. If not CommandBox will try to run by convention your site + test/runner.cfm for you.

You can also pass the runner URL via the testbox run command. Try out the testbox run help command.

Here is a simple box.json config that has a runner and some watcher config.


Check out the watcher command: testbox watch

URL Runner

Every test harness also has an HTML runner you can execute. By convention the URL is


This will execute ALL tests in the tests/specs directory for you.

URL Spec Runner

You can also target a specific spec to execute via the URL


Global Runner

TestBox ships with a global runner that can run pretty much anything. You can customize it or place it wherever you need it:

Test Browser

TestBox ships with a test browser that is highly configurable to whatever URL-accessible path you want. It will then show you a test browser where you can navigate and execute not only individual tests but also directory suites.

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