Spies and Mocking

Please refer to our MockBox section to take advantage of all the mocking and stubbing you can do. However, every BDD TestBundle has the following functions available to you for mocking and stubbing purposes:

  • makePublic( target, method, newName ) - Exposes private methods from objects as public methods

  • querySim( queryData ) - Simulate a query

  • getMockBox( [generationPath] ) - Get a reference to MockBox

  • createEmptyMock( [className], [object], [callLogging=true]) - Create an empty mock from a class or object

  • createMock( [className], [object], [clearMethods=false], [callLogging=true]) - Create a spy from an instance or class with call logging

  • prepareMock( object, [callLogging=true]) - Prepare an instance of an object for method spies with call logging

  • createStub( [callLogging=true], [extends], [implements]) - Create stub objects with call logging and optional inheritance trees and implementation methods

  • getProperty( target, name, [scope=variables], [defaultValue] ) - Get a property from an object in any scope

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