What's New With 2.3.0

TestBox 2.3.0 is a minor release with some great new functionality and tons of fixes. This release has been a great community effort as many people in the community contributed to its release.

Release Notes


  • [TESTBOX-123] - If test spec descriptor contains a comma, it can not be drilled down to run that one spec directly
  • [TESTBOX-140] - Allow Mocking of an Interface that implements another interface
  • [TESTBOX-158] - Give line number when an expectation fails or errors out

New Feature

  • [TESTBOX-150] - new expressive exception throwing goodness: $throws()
  • [TESTBOX-161] - Recursively call parent `aroundEach` functions in reverse tree format
  • [TESTBOX-162] - Add annotation hooks for lifecycle methods
  • [TESTBOX-163] - remove the TestBox tag contexts from the beginning of Failure Origins
  • [TESTBOX-164] - Make test harness easier for development via CommandBox
  • [TESTBOX-165] - Add travis build support for supporting pull requests and test matrixes
  • [TESTBOX-166] - Update API Docs to leverage DocBox instead


  • [TESTBOX-160] - Explicitly place the instance "scope" in the variables scope due to lucee full cascade support
  • [TESTBOX-167] - update string buffers to string builders

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