What's New With 5.3.x

August 1, 2023

5.3.1 - September 13, 2023


  • The variable thisSuite isn't defined if the for loop in the try/catch is never reached before the error. (#150)

5.3.0 - August 1, 2023

New Features

  • TESTBOX-379 New expectations: toBeIn(), toBeInWithCase() so you can verify a needle in string or array targets

  • TESTBOX-380 New matchers and assertions: toStartWith(), toStartWithCase(), startsWith(), startsWthCase() and their appropriate negations

  • TESTBOX-381 New matchers and assertions: toEndWith(), toEndWithCase(), endsWith(), endsWithCase() and their appropriate negations


  • TESTBOX-378 onSpecError suiteSpecs is invalid, it's suiteStats

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